World Water Day

World Water Day: how can you save water at home?

Learn about some tips to save water at home and the characteristics that construction must meet in terms of water to be sustainable.

As part of World Water Day, at La Haus we want to give you some tips to save and take care of this important resource.

Tips for taking care of the water

1. During daily activities, close the tap. To avoid wasting water, it is important to keep the faucet closed while washing your hands, teeth, soaping, shaving or lathering the dishes.

2. Decrease the times. Keep activities that involve water short, for example, take a 5-minute shower.

3. Collect water. If you are used to letting the water run while it warms up, collect this water and use it in other activities.

4. Check for water leaks or leaks. Check that when you close your taps, no water is leaking and that the toilets are working properly. Keep in mind that if your faucets and toilets are 10-15 years old or older, it is advisable to change them.

5. Optimize the use of your appliances. When you go to use your washing machine and/or dishwasher, make sure they have a full load, that is, avoid washing a few clothes or a few dishes, as this will increase consumption. Also, remember that you can collect the water used by the washing machine and reuse it.

6. Use energy-saving faucets. These make the consumption of litres per minute is lower, without this meaning a change in the pressure with which the water comes out.

7. Water the plants with rainwater. Take advantage of when it rains to collect rainwater and use it to water your plants. Likewise, the water you collect can be used for other household chores.

Water, a fundamental aspect in sustainable construction

When talking about sustainable projects, the efficient use of water is a fundamental aspect.

In accordance with the NMX-AA-164-SCFI-2013 standard -which governs sustainable buildings and establishes the criteria and minimum requirements- a sustainable development must meet certain requirements in terms of soil, energy, water, materials and waste, quality environmental and social responsibility.

Specifically, in terms of water, developments to be a sustainable must:

  • Use certified materials and products.
  • Have a hydraulic system that guarantees a reduction in water consumption of at least 20% compared to an equivalent building.
  • Have meters for each unit.
  • Comply with the requirements for supplying groundwater or surface water.
  • (Optional) Have a system for storage and use of rainwater.
  • Among other.

Did you know…?

  • Every year since 1993, March 22 is celebrated as World Water Day.
  • The objective of this celebration is to remember the relevance of this essential liquid.
  • Currently, according to UN statistics, 2,200 million people in the world do not have access to water and 1 in 3 people live without drinking water.
  • In Mexico, 43% of the population uses a safe drinking water service, according to UN figures.
  • One of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is that by 2030 universal access to safe and affordable drinking water is guaranteed.

From La Haus we invite you to take care of this precious resource that is water and, in general, our environment, as this is not only a trend, it is a necessity.