home decoration

Why is home decoration important?

Follow these tips from an expert and transform your home into a functional and harmonious space.

During 2020, household spending priorities changed. Many decided to remodel or had to invest in new furniture to meet day-to-day needs at home. So much so, that according to the Mexican Society of Interior Designers, interior designers and specialized remodelling studios had 25% more demand.

“In times of pandemic, all of our priorities have changed. This has allowed us to meet again in our homes, to remember the value of returning home and for this to be the meeting point for all family members. Today homes are multiple-use spaces, due to the new trends in home office and homeschooling, so we must be very precise when selecting furniture and tones so that they are true havens of peace, harmony and have a perfect balance”, expressed the interior designer Ricardo Ávila Gómez.

If you are thinking of decorating your home to create functional spaces without losing harmony and that have a high aesthetic value but you still do not dare, at La Haus we invite you to know the reasons of the Colombian interior designer Ricardo Ávila Gómez about why decoration is important of the house.

1. Emotional health

Emotional health is one of the engines to start a remodelling or a change in decoration because if we are going to be for long periods in the same space it is important that this not only fulfils its function but also reflects our tastes. All maintaining a balance and harmony, without losing aesthetics.

In addition, renovating a space clears the mind and emotions, which brings with it a sense of order, spaciousness and cleanliness that transforms into optimism.

If you dare to transform a space, involve all family members and include their personal tastes in the results. Thus, the enjoyment of home environments will be more pleasant and will lead to greater family unity.

2. Functionality

Currently, homes are multiple-use spaces, as they must fulfil various functions and provide a solution to the daily needs derived from our personal lifestyle. Therefore, the functional management of a space is essential when decorating and renovating.

Aligned with our personal tastes, we must respond to needs, choosing functional, practical and aesthetically appropriate proposals. For example, it is necessary to have a small study area with a desk for our work or academic performance, which is consistent with the decoration trend that we have but above all that meets current needs.

3. Comfort

Comfort is essential when selecting the furniture, taking into account the shape, texture, density and colour. In addition, it is important to take into account the size of the furniture, as it must be harmonious with the space in which it is going to be located.

4. Stimulation of creativity

The stimulation of creativity is an excellent reason to decorate the home because in small or large renovation projects, creative abilities and skills are activated in us that allows us to have a selective attitude to choose the right colours, textures, and furniture. In this way, we will develop a successful transformation process with balance, harmony and a high aesthetic value.

As you can see, there are several reasons why we must decorate. Go ahead and transform your home into a functional, aesthetic and harmonious place, always taking into account trends but above all your tastes.