real estate pandemic

What is the true risk of investing in a real estate pandemic?

Invest in a pandemic? If you still do not know if it is worth thinking about acquiring real estate this year, know the risk of investing. Here we tell you!

The arrival of the Coronavirus created a feeling of uncertainty around the world. In some cases, it stopped investments, expenses and postponed projects that were already underway. The pandemic temporarily paralyzed different economic sectors of the country and affected all economic transactions in the medium-long term.

Opportunities of health contingency when investing in pandemic

But remember that times of crisis bring opportunities! The health contingency works in favour of the tenant:

  • Landlords need to get good tenants and long-term contracts.
  • Both the sale prices and the leasing conditions will be very flexible.
  • A rebound is expected during the second half of the year.
  • Building permits will be reopened and will represent a great investment opportunity for buyers or to have a better lease.
  • The opening of the single window will remove the brake on construction, now considered essential, and developments planned since last year.
  • Thanks to the efforts to reactivate the real estate sector, more than 200,000 jobs will be restored nationwide, according to ADI.

Offering alternatives for those seeking to invest in a pandemic when acquiring a home in these difficult times is a priority. In past crises, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) offered mortgage loans as support for the reactivation of the purchase and sale of real estate. It is necessary to incentivize production to maintain the country’s economy.

On March 19 of this year, the newspaper El Universal reported that Infonavit prepared a support plan that would include a restructuring of mortgage debts and an increase in access to home loans.

In summary

If we have learned something from the crises suffered in this country, it is the following:

  • The real estate sector always recovers from downturns.
  • A 4% growth was expected during 2020, the health contingency postponed the process, but this growth is expected to happen in 2021!

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in a pandemic and acquire property before a rise in house prices. Remember that given the volatility of the stock markets and the devaluation of some currencies, real estate assets can become one of the best ways to protect assets.