increase the value of your home

Tips to increase the value of your home

Increase the value of your property by following these tips.

If you want to sell your property, you must bear in mind that there are different ways to sell it at a better price. From small details that make a huge difference, to large remodels, they can get you a much juicier price in the negotiation of your home.

At La Haus we give you some tips on how to increase the commercial value of the property so that you take it into account before starting to receive proposals.

You don’t just offer a property

When it comes to offering your home, don’t just talk about the interior comforts, spaces and amenities, a buyer is interested in knowing other information, such as transport routes, access roads, security and nearby places of interest, such as parks, centers commercial, universities and colleges.

Get ready to negotiate

Those interested in buying will probably ask you for a discount or offer you immediate money in exchange for a discount. In the event that you need the money urgently, set a minimum limit of what you are willing to receive and increase the amount, so you can go down little by little in the negotiation.

It is important that the buyer does not see your urgency to sell, if he sees you confident in the price you offer, it will be more likely that he is the one who ends up giving in.

Make remodeling

Details like a freshly painted facade, a flowery garden, good lighting, and new hardware can make a huge difference in the perception of the property.

The first impression is very important, so investing money and paying attention to every detail of the property can increase its value.

Take advantage of the spaces

In the event that your property is small, the ideal is that when it comes to selling it, it should be organized, without accumulated objects, with the walls in light tones and great lighting, this will give the feeling of greater spaciousness.