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The home office: tips for working from home

With the home office, the line between work hours and personal time can be easily blurred. To avoid bad habits, at La Haus we share some tips from the writer Jen A. Miller that will help you maintain balance in your life while working from home.

Keep the same hours you had when you went to the office

“Try to get up at the same time and do all the things you would normally do to get ready for work,” says William Castellano, a professor at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. Make a to-do list every morning and stick to it.

Take break times

Treat exercise, meals, and stretch breaks just like you did before home office. That means putting it on your calendar, at least to begin with. While hitting the gym may not be possible now, opt to walk or run outside while still practising social distancing or using online exercise videos.

Stay in touch with others

Sara Perry, an associate professor of management at Baylor University, suggests proactively staying in touch with others rather than waiting for someone to communicate. That means emailing your colleagues more often, having video conferences, or just picking up the phone.


When everything is urgent, nothing is; so plan and structure your day, it is the only way to be effective. Think about the value of the tasks that you have pending and order them from highest to lowest, so you will know what to prioritize and how much time is worth dedicating to each one.

Close your work day

If you were used to working in an office, the daily commute home at the end of the day was the way to end the workday and start home life. Dr. Perry says that it is important to continue making the same transition, even if you are simply moving from one place to another on the couch. So, save your work materials and your laptop (or just close your work applications if you want to use your computer for something else).

Remember that continuous work marathons are not an adequate way to show commitment to the company, effective use of your time is, and this includes relaxing moments for you, to rest, exercise and meditate. Take care of your physical and emotional health!