Do you want to lease? Seven key questions to ask your landlord

Let’s get serious. Let the smiles wait for another time. If we do not develop the next steps well, tears will come. You are about to sign the lease and you don’t want to leave any loose ends. Surprises, for birthdays, right? In this situation, we want to recommend seven key questions that you should always ask your future landlord.

Seven Questions to Ask Your Landlord

Seven Key Questions for the Landlord before Leasing

Seven is a magic number. It has weight in all religions. Even Snow White decided to live with seven dwarfs. It has to have some fantasy, right? That is why we have chosen this number of questions to ask. An amount with so much history cannot be wrong:

  • Will the rent go up over time?
  • Who pays for breakdowns?
  • Should I register the supplies?
  • What does the rental price include?
  • Can the dog come with me?
  • What happens to the furniture inside the property?
  • Is this street noisy and safe?

Do we analyze them one by one?

Will the rental price go up over time?

This is a key question that you have to ask the landlord. When you rent a property you want to be sure that you will be able to meet the monthly payments.

That is why it is so interesting that you ask the landlord about it. The most honest answer they can give you is that after a year the upload will be reviewed. It is what the law establishes.

Who is going to pay for the breakdowns?

It is essential that it is clear before signing the lease who has to pay each of the expenses incurred in the home. We recommend that you make a list and that both you and the landlord leave a record of the agreement.

Yes, it is possible that at a certain moment something unforeseen arises, but, you cannot have everything scheduled. In life you also have to leave a little space to what will happen.

Should I register the supplies?

Let’s be clear on this. It is possible that the supplies are registered by both the landlord and the tenant, but the one who has to face the payments is always the landlord. There is no room for doubt.

As theory and practice almost never coincide, we recommend that you speak with the landlord so that there are no doubts in sight. Uncertainty is dangerous, so making sure will ensure the peace you want in this contractual relationship.

In addition, we recommend that before signing the lease, the facilities are reviewed. Avoid scares.

What does the rental price include?

It is too common for you to ask for the rental price, to communicate a figure that is below your expectations and feel the illusion of facing an amount of money that is reasonable and affordable for your pocket. You’re in front of a bargain!

However, then there are always many surprises and, the worst, once you have already signed the rental contract and have sold your soul to said property. Because one thing you have to be clear about is whether the figure that you have been communicated includes all the taxes that may also fall on the tenant, or not.

The normal thing is that then you call the owner and ask him about whether these payments are included within the wonderful amount that he has quoted you and he answers that no, that you have asked before.

Can the dog come with me?

Your dog is part of your family, so you don’t have a choice. It has to go with you yes or yes. Therefore, you need to find a landlord who is satisfied with the idea that he can move into your property. Therefore, it is essential that you ask the question before signing the lease.

There are owners who allow the coexistence of animals on their property and others who do not want to see them or in painting. The latter has to be reflected in a clause of the contract and, it is understood, that, if nothing is indicated, silence is positive.

Anyway, we recommend that you ask just in case, that it does not hurt to verbalize everything.

What happens to the furniture inside the property?

We will never agree. If you have furniture, finding a furnished property is a problem. If you don’t have them, a blessing. Even so, whatever your situation, it is important that you ask the landlord about what will happen to the furniture that is inside the property.

If the landlord prefers that you use their furniture, it will be necessary for them to provide you with an inventory that lists all of the furniture in the house. This document is worth its weight in gold; it helps the owner to verify that everything is as left as it is from the moment you walked through the door.

Is the street noisy?

This is a fundamental question. After all, you’re going to have to put up with what happens on that street for a very long time. Your visits will only give you a series of moments in which you can understand how quiet or noisy it is. Therefore, asking him the question and asking him to be honest will be very important.

When you ask this question, make your concern about this question clear. In this way, you will get the answer to be honest. And we warn you that there are places where at certain times of the day the bustle can be unbearable. This is not the soundtrack you expect for your new home.


These are the seven questions you should ask any landlord before moving into a new apartment. We can’t help you find the landlord of your dreams, but we can help you find the best place to live.