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Community Manager Day: what chair to buy if you work in front of a computer?

Happy Community Manager Day!

Today, January 27, the world day of one of those recent jobs that are here to stay is celebrated all over the planet.

But today, beyond congratulating you on the great work you do, I want to help you take better care of your health during 2020.

If you are a Community Manager who works from home, I am sure that you spend many hours sitting in front of a screen and that this has caused you some pain in your back, right?

That is why it is essential that you choose a suitable chair to maintain the maximum possible comfort in your day-to-day life and take care of your posture.

What are the most common injuries of a Community Manager?

Community Manager Day

These new jobs are what they have, that you are not aware of everything they demand of you until your whole body begins to ache.

It happened to you, right?

To give you an idea, these are the most common injuries and I can tell you that I suffer from more than one:

  • Cervicalgia. It is a pain in the posterior region of the neck that is produced by the increase in tension of your muscles in a sustained way. He has headaches and pain in his arms.
  • Back pain Discomfort of varying severity that is placed in the dorsal area of ​​the back and is the result of poor posture sustained over time.
  • Lumbago The pains in these areas are always caused by the contact of the body by the chair and aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture.

As you can see, the chair in which you carry out your work is very important

So, what does your office chair have to have so that you can work in the most comfortable way possible?

How to choose the best chair to work in your office

How to choose a chair for your office

Well, now that you know what you are exposing yourself to, the time has come for you to prepare an office in your home with the best conditions.

In the market, you will find many models, but there are three characteristics that you should look at if you want to move your work forward:

  • That it has wheels is essential. Today it is an essential comfort component. It allows you to adapt your posture.
  • Adjustable depth. Each one has height and limb measurements and you need to adapt your seat to your needs.
  • A monitor at eye level is the key so that the neck suffers as little as possible. If you can adapt your chair so that your eyes stay exactly at that height, you will achieve better cervical health.

More health is more efficient and better work

Community Manager chair

If you are passionate about your work, your goal will be to be more efficient every day. And in that context your comfort is essential to be able to achieve it.

Therefore, choosing an appropriate chair for your home office and having the ability to adapt it according to your needs is essential.

Find the opportunity to take care of your cervical.