avoid fires in the home

5 tips to avoid fires in the home

Do you know greater dramas in the home than a fire? Regardless of the reason that causes the spark from which the flames start, even if the damage only reaches the material dimension, tears will be the next step in any case.

That is why we at Blue World City have prepared 5 easy-to-apply tips that will help you prevent these situations and ensure that, in the damn case they occur, you can act to save your life, which is the most important thing.

The main causes of fires in the home

How to prevent a home fire

During the last year, a study was carried out that analyzed the causes of fires throughout the world and the results were surprising.

What would you say are the factors that lead a house to burn? The surprise is that it has little to do with the flames at first and that it is the problems with plugs and electrical appliances that generate them the most.

Have you noticed a detail? Most fires are caused by accidents that have nothing to do with human action. And do you know what this means? That you have two options:

  • You can sit idly by and take the risk. Total, it does not depend on us.
  • Or you can minimize any other cause as much as possible so that the avoidable can be avoided.

In this way, the five tips that today we want to give you to prevent fires in the home are:

  • Never get lost.
  • Beware of stoves and heaters.
  • Install smoke detectors.
  • Smoking is a cause of the fire.
  • Prepare for this circumstance.

Things are on fire, so let’s roll up our sleeves and see how we can delve into each of these tips.

Never get lost

It is estimated that 72% of the fires that occurred last year were sparked by someone being distracted. Come on, they couldn’t have been avoided!

In fact, in most of them, it was the young people who were at other things while the flame was lit.

Can we blame them? No, we can educate them. The problem is that we have turned a world in which we are all multitasks, we must be aware that there are times when it cannot be allowed.

Has anyone also talked about driving?

Beware of stoves and heaters

Another fact that usually ends in tragedy is that of placing stoves and heaters close to flammable materials.

Here the variety of oversights we face is vast. From plugs, to curtains to any other firefighter idea you can think of.

Take good care when connecting these instruments where they are. Half a minute can save you from a scare.

Install smoke detectors

They have always told you that prevention is better than cure and the truth is that all the ember they have given you was preparing you for this moment.

In the case of fires, it is like that. When the fire awakens you do not know how it is going to do it. It is a Russian roulette that can end in a joke or a nightmare. For this reason, the best idea is to put all the efforts in which it remains in a state of infinite lethargy.

So the next step is to place a smoke detector that warns you of any threat of dawn that the fire has.

Smoking is a cause of the fire

We have not come here to tell you whether to smoke or not. You already know the potential impact this can have on your health. However, you must also be aware that not only are your lungs – and stomach, brain, kidneys … – suffering, but the house is also in danger.

When you finish the cigarette you have to make sure that it stays completely off. That the butts are not loose and with the mischievous look to light a bonfire.

By the way, since we are talking about things lit at home, you know that candles are also very dangerous. Turn them off when you are not at home.

Prepare for this circumstance

In a dangerous situation like a fire, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself to face such a situation and that if a calamity occurs you can escape without fear.

How? Study protocols. Be aware of the risks. Understand what can and cannot be done. Stay calm in the face of adversity.

With these 5 tips to avoid fires in the home, you will be able to prevent and lessen the effects of flames. Now we just want to wish you never to face a situation like this that we have described.