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5 tips as a real estate advisor to increase your professional contacts

Do you remember the last time you attended a conference and felt isolated?

Surely it was because you did not know anyone and, of course, this can turn a unique experience into a prayer that the sand of the clock falls faster.

However, lacking contacts is an evil that can go beyond a bad drink and for this reason, we want to help you build a base that will serve you to greet everyone next time.

If you want to discover where and how you can add to your contact list, this is your chance.

What do you have to know about the contacts?

How to get more professional contacts as a consultant S

The first thing I want to make clear to you is that the race to build a powerful database is that it is a marathon , so you were thinking of running one day, finishing with your tongue out and enjoying the glory, you have made the wrong test .

But I don’t think you were surprised by it. After all, you know that what really matters in your career costs and you are willing to put all the effort on the table.

There are 5 paths that will help you build those professional relationships that will allow you to take a step forward as a professional.

How to create a powerful contact portfolio

How to increase the number of contacts as a real estate consultant

So, are you ready to take this step forward in your career and take on the effort that goes with it?

If so, keep reading, I want to help you in this process. The 5 ways to take a step as a professional and start creating a great contact base are:

  • LinkedIn will become your cover letter.
  • Honesty builds lasting relationships.
  • Go to events and interact with other professionals.
  • Open a web page and create content on it.
  • Invest in advertising to go further.

Do you want to know them separately?

LinkedIn will become your cover letter

How to improve your contact portfolio

You know what LinkedIn is, right?

Well, in this post I want to tell you everything related to LinkedIn from scratch so that you can take advantage of it regardless of your level.

LinkedIn is the social network of professionals and the way that will allow you to be in contact with others.

Therefore, it is a place where you have to be yes or yes.

Start by opening an account and then fill out your entire profile in a way that transmits the passion for what you do.

Of course, being there is insufficient. You have to show a proactive attitude to enhance your role in the network and create those synergies that help you make a difference.

If you have any questions about how to use it, I encourage you to ask in the comments and I will respond quickly.

Honesty builds lasting relationships

How to build relationships with confidence

Have you ever heard that I love you Andrés out of interest?

Nobody likes the free riders and in professional relationships, even less.

When building a lasting relationship with someone, try to do it sincerely. Take a real interest in their work, build a friendship that works, and you will take the step you both need.

Go to events and interact with other professionals

How to network by the real estate advisor

Do you know where the most lasting human relationships are built? At events, where you will be surrounded by people who, like you, are eager to chat.

So if you want to create lasting relationships, you will have to be part of those worlds where everyone meets and feel comfortable.

If you accept my advice, go to all the events you can and try to be part of them in the most humane way.

Chat, communicate, speak, learn and enjoy, which is also important.

Open your website and create content to attract other professionals

How to increase your contact portfolio as a real estate advisor

Do you know that if you are not on the internet today you no longer exist? Well it’s true and when they told you they were absolutely right.

You have to be on the internet and this is the clearest reality that you have to take into consideration.

From now on, you must commit to working for a while every day on creating content to attract as many visits as possible?

It is the proper way to erect yourself like an expert.

Invest in advertising to go further

How to make yourself known as a real estate advisor

Do you know what the internet problem is? That there are so many experts that it is difficult to stand out in the market.

The task of creating content and highlighting it takes a long time and if you have the investment capacity you can shorten the deadlines.

The benefits of this process are long-term, so to get the results you will put your resilience to the test.

The advice I want to give you at this point is that you have the patience you need for the tasks that really matter in this life and that you fight to achieve them.