World Cancer Day.

5 practices to prevent cancer from your home

Today, February 4, is celebrated World Cancer Day. A day that calls all of society to unite against the villain of many stories.

In some way or another, we have all had this disease close. Either in ourselves or in a loved or close person.

To give you an idea, in Latin America, five people receive a cancer diagnosis every two minutes.

And that’s not counting the people who are currently fighting against this giant.

At icasas we want to join this fight. That is why we have a list of 5 things you should avoid in your day-to-day life at home to protect yourself as much as possible from cancer.

Are you ready?

Cancer Shelter is at Home

How to Fight Cancer at Home

The fight against this disease can start from home, so you can start a series of habits that will help you.

They are not exact formulas or magic spells and there is a random point that cannot be managed. However, with them, you can prepare a good game tactic.

That is why I have prepared these 5 habits for you so that, with a small change, you can improve your home.

  • Avoid smoking
  • Cut back on alcohol
  • Play sports at home
  • Eliminate bad fumes from your home
  • Less direct sun and more exposure through filters

You can already get an idea of ​​what I’m going to tell you, but listen to me and stay until the end.

Don’t smoke anymore: neither at home nor outside

Although millions of people smoke tobacco, I am unable to understand why they do it. Tobacco is one of the great evils of the 21st century.

But today I want to focus on home.

Tobacco is a tireless whirlwind full of disease. There are thousands of pathologies related to its consumption.

And despite the fact that the number of smokers reduces over the years, there are still people who prefer to continue with the habit. And that there are more and more anti-smoking laws!

However, as long as it continues to normalize, there will be people who will put their cigarettes to their lips and increase their chances of suffering from multiple diseases.

Of course, cancer is one of them.

Here I want to ask you not to smoke at home, because there the effects are multiplied.

The harmful substances of tobacco cling to curtains and walls and will not hesitate to kill you little by little.

And not only to you but also to all the people who live with you. So think about the consequences.

Reduce alcohol to a minimum

Contrary to what happens with tobacco, which is getting worse and worse, alcohol has come to normalize to terrifying levels.

From a very young age, it is consumed and now the strange thing is not to consume it.

It has become one of the most harmful substances on the planet, since it has destroyed lives and families and not only because of death.

Consuming it regularly is related to different cancers and, although we are aware of it … we continue in the same ones.

There’s always a beer at home for celebrations, and maybe the next step is to grab a shot of bleach!

You should ask yourself more often what you are doing with your body because surely you know cases of people who have destroyed their lives because of alcohol.

Play sports at home

Exercise at home

But it is also valid outside.

What I’m telling you is to have an active life. Sport adds years of life to any person.

What’s more, when you are sick, practising sports in a moderate way invigorates you.

Sure you can find 30 minutes a day to move. If not, you can look for them when you are sick.

The good thing is that at home with very little material you can practice it without problems.

Eliminate bad fumes from the home

That incense you lit the other day smells good, right?

Well, you should know that all fumes are harmful to your health, even if they have the best quality in the world.

Humans are not prepared to filter harmful substances from combustion, therefore with any product you are letting them enter your body.

I know it sounds like it might be worth the smell, but sometimes it’s better to enjoy the smell of good food.

Less direct sun

The dilemma of life and death in the same organism. He has allowed us to exist but if we abuse him, he will be in charge of taking away the privilege of life.

Although it seems that only in summer people who seek to have a perfect tan are the ones who have the most ballots for skin cancer, the reality is that at home we are also at risk of suffering it if we expose ourselves directly.

A little sun never hurts, but you will need a filter that ensures that it does not reach you directly.

Avoid the sun hitting you directly.

It is in your power to reduce your chances of cancer

Try to do the best you can.

You have in your hands the possibility of reducing the chances of suffering from cancer.