renew your decoration

5 magic keys to renew your decoration … now that you spend time at home

Hey, was the whole coronavirus thing going to be bad? Well of course not. Now you are more time at home – everything – and you can dedicate yourself to all those tasks for which, normally, you do not have time and you put aside.

When I tell you, you don’t have time, I know that they make you very lazy and that you always find an excuse not to do them.

In this post, I want to give you 5 keys that you can start preparing now that you have time and that will help you to renew the decoration of your home.

So when the entire quarantine is over and your visits return, they will be left with their mouths open.

Index of contents

  • How to renew the decoration of the living room of the house
    • Paintings with white tones
    • Get some carnivorous plants
    • Cushions with geometric designs
    • Light up the room with candles
    • Change the placement of your shelves

How to renew the decoration of the living room of the house

Magic keys for decorating your living room

These 5 tips are dedicated to renovating the decoration of your living room.

This is the place where any visit you have spends the most time, so it is where all efforts must be focused to promote that surprise.

Paintings with white tones

There are very few people who dare to dress their walls with paintings in white tones.

It’s a difficult colour to use, but it’s perfect for amplifying the feel of us in your living room.

Get some carnivorous plants

This will leave you speechless.

If you put some carnivorous plants in your home, they will stare at them every time they arrive.

They are the latest fad and it is very interesting to see how they feed.

Cushions with geometric designs

This is the latest fad.

Now the geometric shapes are taken.

Get yourself some cushions of this style and get them to get lost in their shapes.

Light up the room with candles

Not every day, but when they arrive.

You will give it a retro and unique touch that will leave them speechless.

Who doesn’t like the charm of another time?

Change the placement of your shelves

Shelves are one of the pieces that shape your home, so if you can move them around, you will give your living room a new touch.

In fact, I encourage you to position them in strange ways and to play with the angles.