Halloween plans at home

5 last minute Halloween plans at home

That you had forgotten that tomorrow is Halloween and you have run out of a plan for the scariest night of the year?

Be as calm as you can, that by midnight when the spirits cross the threshold, you will be ready to enjoy a bloody night at home.

Do you know that it is never too late if happiness is good? Well, since yours is creepy, I want to help you achieve this task.

For this, I have prepared 5 last-minute plans for Halloween at home and that, in addition, carry a very small cost.

Index of contents

  • Halloween must be celebrated
  • The 5 last-minute plans for the home on Halloween
    • A horror movie marathon at home
    • A bloody and themed dinner
    • Play scary versions of board games
    • Tell scary stories and see who has the most wicked imagination
    • Phone pranks never fail
  • Remember that on Halloween …

Halloween must be celebrated

Last minute Halloween plans at home

I am sure that by now you will look for a thousand excuses to avoid preparing for Halloween. Total, if you have not yet got down to work, better leave it, right?

Well, look, I have to say no. Hallowed is one of the most popular parties in the world. Tonight – although each one in their own time zone – children from all continents will take to the streets to ask for sweets.

They will all be happy practising the same tradition. And it is that in a moment as complicated as this that you have had to live, it is worth enhancing what unites and leaving aside what separates.

In the end, this will count.

The 5 last-minute plans for the home on Halloween

Halloween plans at home

So as the excuses today are too many, I want to tell you 5 irresistible and bloodthirsty plans that will bring you the most desired nightmares to your home:

  • A horror movie marathon at home.
  • Themed and bloody dinner.
  • Play scary versions of board games.
  • Tell scary stories.
  • A classic: phone pranks never fail.

How can you get the most blood juice out of each of them?

A horror movie marathon at home

Plans for Halloween

This is one of those classics among the classics and it never fails.

Who doesn’t like a good movie? We all fall prey to fiction when the time comes.

The job you have in hand today is to choose the best candidate for it: one who causes dread and destabilizes your dreams.

Choose the one that scares you the most and prepare to tremble with pleasure.

A bloody and themed dinner

5 Halloween plans

What if the best thing was to experiment in the kitchen?

This is one of the places where you can be more creative and take advantage of the opportunity is in your hand.

If you choose this last minute plan idea for Halloween you will not regret it. This is one of the places where you can be more creative, so taking the opportunity is a great option.

Surprise them in a unique way and prepare a dinner where red and foods reminiscent of blood prevail.

You will succeed.

Play scary versions of board games

Plans for Halloween

And this is far from being an excuse for you to buy that game that you have wanted for so long, but I propose that you transform the rules to enjoy the games of a lifetime, but with a gloomier version.

Make special rules and unleash your imagination. Let each one find the most appropriate answers.

Tell scary stories and see who has the wicked imagination

Halloween's history

Did you know that the book that gave life to Frankenstein came about like this?

Not exactly on Halloween, but with this background plan.

Some friends were locked in a castle because of a storm and decided to kill the time with a contest.

Since everyone had a special fondness for writing, they would have to write a short story and then vote for which one was the best.

The goal was to find the scariest story.

If this plan worked 25 years ago, it will work now too.

Phone pranks never fail

How to prepare a plan at home for Halloween

It’s Halloween and its okay to be a hooligan too. Why don’t you just dial random numbers and play a prank on those who answer the call?

I know this is not quite right, but today is a special day. And as long as they are jokes without malice…

Remember that on Halloween…

  • It is more important to enjoy yourselves than the plan itself.
  • The goal is to have an excuse to do something special all together.
  • And that time is worth more than any plan.

Take the opportunity to enjoy your family and the people you love with these 5 last minute plans for Halloween and the home.