productive office at home

3 tips for setting up a more productive office at home

Mario had been working at home for a year and every day he felt a little more stressed. Leaving the office and settling in on his own had seemed like the best idea at the time, but now he no longer had them all with him. Perhaps the tranquillity of a schedule, the better responsibility and the knowledge that when the free time would return to leisure, he was gaining integers on his list of priorities. However, he had always been a great fighter, so before he gave up he was going to give himself one last chance: to order his office in such a way that it would be much more productive.

This is how Mario faced the reorganization of his office

How to set up a productive home office

Mario had a clear reality. To make your office much more productive, it wasn’t enough to just apply a couple of patches, you had to organize everything from scratch. Ashes always bring the best possibilities with them and it was time to be brave enough to completely revolutionize your life.

Perhaps he was not clear at first what he had to do, but he, who had always been very observant, knew that there were behaviours that could not be repeated. These were:

  • Each item has to have its place. And no, the place of the objects will never be your desk. This has to always be a workspace and the more distractions you have on the table, the less time you will be dedicated to what is truly important.
  • The organization is also digital. It will be useless to be neat and physically orderly if later when we turn on the computer everything turns into an enchanted forest. Mario knew that this could make him much lazier, but the result was very positive after daring to change.
  • Artificial light runs out. We are not aware of how damaging a light bulb can be to eyesight, health and productivity. No animal is prepared to endure long working hours with so many stimuli that dry out the sight. Having a source of natural lighting can totally change the way we do business. For this reason, Mario’s office now has a very wide window. It never hurts to remember that there is also a reality out there.

But of course, in life, it is not enough to know what not to do. Taking steps forward in the right direction is also imperative.

Mario’s decisions to achieve greater productivity in his office

It was a tough process of reflection. A whole day silently contemplating the possibilities to become aware of what was being done.

  • The office became just a workplace. One of the problems Mario had with concentrating in his office is that his mind sometimes didn’t seem ready for it. However, he was observant enough to realize why he was failing, what that difference was that when he was in an office it allowed him to work without distractions, but that in his own home he was making trouble. After all, human beings are animals of habit and in this way we have to accustom our bodies to function in a certain way. The fact is that Mario used to watch movies inside many times and this is anything but work. From this moment on, this room would only be the cradle of productivity and the development of tasks.
  • Natural hours. The great advantage of working from home may end up becoming the reason that everything fails. Being your own boss, you are the sole owner of your time and this can lead to you, in the end, working at ungodly hours, when an organized life would inevitably give you many more joys. So from this moment on Mario decided that he would lead a much more orderly life.
  • Outside the office, there is no work. Another handicap that Mario has to deal with every day is the fact that he has two children. Therefore, these two whirlwinds of energy are capable of revolutionizing any normal day. So he has made a pact with them. If they respect the hours within their office, he will not work outside of it. All the time you have together will be of quality.

This was Mario’s decision process. We do not know what the result of your company has been, but we do know that you have come to your office to work much calmer every day. How would you organize a room to be productive?