signing a mortgage

3 mistakes when signing a mortgage

The mortgage is a business that has been around for so long that looking back seems like an endless mission. However, generations pass and mistakes continue to be made, as if we were in Groundhog Day and we still had not found the correct path of the puzzle.

Today we have collected the three most common failures and we want to explain them to you so that you do not continue with the good human tradition of continuing to stumble over the same stone, that even if it belongs to the family, we better let it rest for a while, which has earned it. .

The most common mistakes when applying for a mortgage

The three problems when contracting the mortgage

Of course, it is worth recognizing the successes as well. Because if one thing is true, it is that as we have found new ways to evolve mortgages, at the same time we have managed to keep stumbling in cutting edgeways. And that cannot be said by everyone!

In this sense, these three common mistakes are the following:

  • Discard online offers.
  • Invest all savings at the entrance.
  • Overestimating our ability to pay.

Do we dive in them?

Discard online offers

The same thing always happens to us. When a new technology appears, we look at it with qualms. We think it is going to bite us that it will sacrifice our savings or you know what the hell is crossing our mind.

However, when we finally approach this being unknown to us, instead of studying it carefully and understanding its operation, we find ourselves in the position of fixing the pause that we have had in a single gesture and without precautions we throw ourselves into his hands. . Look, if it was a poisonous snake, we’d be dead.

In this way, we get scared by the error, we hear rumours of setbacks and we prefer to follow the traditional route without even analyzing what it can offer us.

That is why so many people discard online offers from the beginning and lose the opportunity to sign very interesting options.

Invest all savings at the entrance

It is also very human that the calculations last until the first base of the process and that afterwards it is our souls of the future that worry about it. Overall, they are sure to be able to fix it.

For this reason, it is all too common for us to invest all our savings at the entrance, which is where they hit us, and we trust that from now on our entire economy will develop so well that reserves no longer interest us.

Don’t even think about taking this path. It is essential that we save an amount in case something happens.

Overestimating our ability to pay

If we spin fine it looks like the previous one, but it is the even more dizzying evolution that can be taken. Yes, we like risks but when the future depends on it, it is better to take precautions and go to an amusement park to bet on the romantic encounter with adrenaline.

In this way, do not trust yourself with how much you can pay and certainly do not lie to yourself, that the bank account does not understand that of white lies.

Make calculations, be aware of how much you can spend, count up to the last coin and then jump into signing the contract that will bind you to the bank for the next few decades.

Have you written them down? At Blue World City you can easily apply for a mortgage but remember to not fall into a trap. Now reflect on them, realize that you will not fall into these problems and embark on the mortgage adventure with the security of having a net under your feet.